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SEO tools

There are a range of SEO tools available which you can use to monitor and help your online activity. Firstly let’s start off with defining SEO and Wikipedia provides the following explanation:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a webpage in search engines via the natural or unpaid (organic) search results.



If you run an online business and/or a blog it is important you understand SEO and the effect it can have on your online presence. In order to help you I am going to list a number of free and paid for tools which I use and recommend:


It is important to keep track of your links whether they are as a result of your SEO efforts, through listings or because other sources are linking to your content.

Knowing how many backlinks you have is important as this will ultimately help Google decide how important your website is in relation to other websites/webpages when it lists results for searches. Bear in mind that the higher quality sites these links come from the better as Google will rate your site higher (along with other factors too) if you have quality links when compared to a competitor. It will also help you to find out where your links are coming from and there may be an opportunity to take advantage of some of these links. Therefore if you want to check your backlinks, use these free tools:

Backlinkswatch – free resource which provides a pretty good indication where your links are coming from.

SEO Powersuite – This is an advanced tool. In addition to your links it also provides a lot of detail such as keyword link, website PR, domain age, etc. This tool is free as well as paid for. You can run free searches but you can’t actually save them. You can only do this in the paid for version. It also comes with the following additional tools which make up the rest of the Suite: Rank Tracker, Link Assistant & Website Auditor. I only use the free version as for the moment it is sufficient for my needs.


Keywords is all important. Find out which terms you need to target and deploy them on your website and blog posts.

Google Keyword Tool – Google’s excellent free tool.

Market Samurai – Highly recommended if you want more than a keyword tool. It costs $149 and this video outlines its features.

SEO Guide

This not a tool but if you want to learn about SEO starting from the basics upwards you can do no better than going to SEOmoz and reading their Beginners Guide to SEO. To keep up to date with SEO best practice, trends and tips, I would recommend subscribing to their blog.

Photo Credit: SEOPlanter