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Best Practice Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Best Practice Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Using Pinterest for business purposes can be an effective way to drive traffic to your website. Last week I attended a webinar hosted by Thismoment and they went through some best practice tips which I thought I’d share with you. The tips below apply to most social networks and it goes without saying that having a strategy is a key factor for making it a success.

I’ve been using and testing Pinterest for a while and its easy to see why it is so popular. It’s very visual, the user experience is excellent and you can easily spend a few hours looking at pictures and searching for content. I’ve got a variety of boards but the one I post most often to is infographics as I’m always coming across interesting ones via my network and other sources.

The best practice tips are as follows:

1. Fresh content and timing is important (this applies to any social network to keep interest levels up and timing refers to business events such as a sale or a seasonal event)

2. Participate and engage with your community (Like, repin and chat to other pinners)

3. Cross promote using other social media channels

4. Be human, authentic and conversational (Putting content up and just leaving it there isn’t going to be as effective as putting some effort into building relationships)

5. Good pin descriptions and keywords (Use descriptions that are easy to understand, generate interest and that will be found in searches. Use call to actions if appropriate)

6. Strategy, goals and tactics (As with any other marketing activity these apply here too!)

7. Track and tweak  (Track your efforts and tweak your activity based on what works and what doesn’t)

My Pinterest

Further information

– Pinterest is the third largest social network after Facebook and Twitter (I think this is based on visits)

– Pinning videos can be effective and it is a growth area. There are lots of YouTube videos on Pinterest and Vimeo was integrated in April so expect to see more from the latter.

– It is dominated by individuals rather than brands. A lot of brands are still trying to work Pinterest out but have a look at these 5 interesting campaigns for ideas and inspiration.

Jane Wang has the biggest following. She has just under 3 million followers

Pinerley, PinReach and Pinpuff are tools to help you track/measure your activity. Pinerly also allows you to post content and create campaigns.

– Pinterest users are 10% more likely to make a purchase compared to other social network. Wow!

Thanks for reading and I hope you found these tips for using Pinterest for business puprposes useful. If you have any tips, questions or want to share your board, leave me a comment below.

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